Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management Business Need

According to Gartner Research, Knowledge Management formalizes the management and use of an enterprise’s intellectual assets. It promotes a collaborative and integrative approach to the creation, capture, organization, access and use of information assets, including the tacit, uncaptured knowledge of people. (Source: Gartner glossary)

We recommend you read Gartner’s assessment of Knowledge Management (deployed within the context of a Customer Engagement Center) here: Critical Capabilities for the CRM Customer Engagement Center.

The 6 Attributes of Effective Knowledge Management

  • Guidance
    It is more than search. Hand hold your customers through an interactive session to the single right answer.
  • Knowledge management
    Knowledge management is more than just content. Done right, its impact on your business’ operations and core metrics is tremendous, even transformational.
  • Proactive
    Let knowledge reach customers proactively when their behavior on the website shows that they need help.
  • Personalization
    Provide only relevant knowledge to the right customer.
  • Federated
    Use and reuse the existing content in your organization. Allow knowledge federation from the knowledge base, third-party content and CRM systems, social media, community, and more.
  • Social
    Harvest knowledge from your user community.

Our Knowledge Management Software Products

eGain Knowledge + AI™ offers knowledge management with AI-powered process guidance for customer service staff in contact centers and stores. It enables access to the common knowledge base in intelligent ways to make all your agents as productive as the best ones.

Knowledge Management



eGain SelfService + AI™ offers knowledge base access with AI-powered process guidance for customer self-service. Organizations can offer distinctive, productive, effective, and brand-aligned web self-service experiences with the option to seamlessly escalate to live human assistance.

Customer Self Service



eGain Virtual Assistant™ is an emotionally aware, conversational, AI-powered self-service solution to understand customer request, guide customers through interactive dialogs to the answer. It also has the ability to seamlessly escalate with full conversational context to a chat agent.

Chatbot Virtual Assistant

Knowledge Management Success Stories

Paylocity uses eGain knowledge management to radically increase agent confidence, FCR, and time to answer

A fast-growing SaaS provider in the HR domain, Paylocity improved its first-contact resolution by 35% and time to answer by 67%!

BT uses eGain knowledge management to transform customer service across contact centers, stores, and online

Head of Customer Technology & Innovation at EE (part of BT Group) reveals how

  • First-Contact Resolution went up by 37%
  • NPS rose by 20%
  • Training time came down 43%
  • Agent speed to competency shot up 50%


Knowledge Management Thought Leadership

The knowledge you need versus the content you have

Meenakshi Sharma, VP of Product Marketing + Design at eGain explains how your business can implement knowledge management to deliver quick value.


Transform Customer Service with Next-Gen Knowledge

Legacy knowledge management systems are failing to deliver answers and disconnected and disparate knowledge silos create chaos for the business and the customer. The solution? Next-gen knowledge.

What are the characteristics of next-gen knowledge? How are Global 1000 innovators leveraging next-gen knowledge to transform customer service? What has been the payoff for them and their customers? How can you get going with next-gen knowledge? Know in this white paper.


The New Knowledge Management Required for Customer Service in the COVID Era

COVID-19 has triggered a tsunami of demand for customer service. The challenge is aggravated by dislocated agents and agent absenteeism, who are being replaced by staff from other departments and gig workers. How can this knowledge displacement be addressed? To be able to handle the range of queries in the pandemic era and beyond, businesses need a new kind of knowledge management.