The Imperative for Digital Customer Service in Governments

Government and public sector organizations around the world are looking to make information more readily available to citizens, to make sure that citizens can understand their rights and responsibilities and that inquires can be escalated to the appropriate department or group. The web has accelerated the need for change and citizens’ expectations of service.

The public sector agencies face all the customer service challenges of the private sectors, but with additional layers of complexity. Inquiries can be wider ranging and more complex, and the consequences of inaccurate information more serious.

Industry challenges and eGain solutions

Access to information

Public sector organizations or federal and state governments are increasingly turning to contact centers and “one-stop shops” as a means of providing greater access to information and services.

  • eGain has worked with many such organizations to provide web self-help solutions and knowledge bases to support front-line, online inquiries.

Breaking down silos of information 

Government organizations face challenges in overcoming silos of expertise and ensuring that citizens are put in contact with all relevant parts of the organization. Omnichannel experience is an aim that is as crucial in citizen service as it’s in retail and other private sectors.

  • eGain has worked with several state and federal government agencies to enable unified citizen experiences. eGain’s knowledge and Artificial Intelligence-powered solutions empower public sector customer service associates so that they can provide timely and compliant advice on a wide range of citizen inquiries.

Supporting complex entitlement processes

Public sector agencies may need to undertake complex entitlement or assessment processes.

  • eGain has worked with them to enable consistent application of complex assessment processes and ensure rapid availability of appropriate services.

Increasing digital contact volumes 

A significant portion of any government’s customer service volume is over digital channels now. Government agencies need to be able to offer greater access to information through citizens’ channels of choice, the web customer experience channels—email, web self-service, live chat, social, mobile.

  • eGain has helped them cope with widely changing service inquiry volumes and sales processes over web self-service, virtual assistants, email, live chat, and cobrowsing.

Success stories in government customer service


 Customer success: European tax agency goes digital with eGain virtual assistant, chat, and offers

eGain is enabling a digital by default-led customer service transformation at this European tax organization. The agency’s virtual assistant or chatbot (powered by eGain) answers tax-payer questions on a variety of topics, and where needed, escalates with context to human chat and cobrowse, again enabled by eGain.

Customer success: Behemoth North American tax agency takes a digital turn

Earlier: The only way to communicate with this North American tax organization was over phone, postal mail, and fax.

Now: eGain Secure Message™ facilitates easy and secure digital communication between the tax payer and the agency. Where a tax preparer with a Power of Attorney to represent the payer is also involved, eGain facilitates the workflow and three-way, secure, digital communication, all compliant with privacy laws and regulations. Digital is a win-win-win: easy for the customer, easy for the agency, and hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings for the government (and ultimately for citizens.)


Customer success: eGain helps US federal agency successfully digitalize citizen service and save millions

This US federal agency had to modernize its customer service organization, improve citizen experiences across touchpoints, fast track issue resolution and benefit claims, and yet somehow contain costs. This they managed with the help of eGain’s knowledge-guided customer engagement solutions. The project’s Lead Business Owner says about the implementation, “This is a phenomenal success.” Read More